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Newish started simply as an internet shop for the quirky yet successful ishey range of greetings cards – a creation of publishing company Splimple, whose cards can be found in lots of good card and gift shops around the UK.

When people started telling us how pleased they were to stumble across a very different style of greetings card on the web, we realised we could offer them much more – so we gradually added more ranges and more designs – quintupling (is there such a word?) the number of products offered – and extending into some mug and coaster products too.

Our growing site is still small – but new designs are added regularly.  Visit us once a month and you’ll see how we’re building up.

creators, Splimple Limited, don’t think much of 80% of the greetings cards on the market – so we create and source ones that we truly like.  We look for humour that’s original, sentiments that won’t bring on a bilious attack – and words that really mean something.  So on this site you’ll never find recycled quotes, Christmas cracker humour or words of love that no self-respecting person would ever actually say to their partner!  Above all, you’ll find things here that you won’t find in every other card shop or on every greetings card website.


We’re simple souls – so we’ve made this site easy enough for even us to understand. You can buy one card, or a hundred and one cards. If you spend £20, and are based in the UK, carriage is free. You can search for cards by category (birthday, Christmas etc), or by range or by using our search box. You can add to your shopping basket as you go – and at checkout we’ve made payment secure and simple. Gifts are individually priced – but the shopping process is the same.