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In addition to the wonderful Alison’s Animals range of cards (and gifts), you’ll find all Splimple’s current card ranges here, along with some of our back-catalogue - and some cards from other publishers we really like.

Ordering is easy - browse our ranges below, fill your basket - and we’ll usually despatch your order within 24 hours. You can order just one card if you wish - and carriage is free if you spend £20.

Alisons Animals is the only place on the web where you can see the full collection of Alison’s Animals products.

Click the logo to see all Alison’s Animals cards and gifts.

World of james Herriot

World of James Herriot
Greetings cards and small gifts inspired by the writings of the world’s most famous Vet.

Lefties greetings cards from Splimple


Especially for left-handers … they even open up the wrong (or right) way!

Note to self

Note to self

Cards that prove you can read someone’s innermost thoughts!  Cheeky and cheerful!

Wordies greetings cards from Splimple


The UK’s wordiest humour range, fresh as ever after 14 years.

Barking at the moon

Barking at the Moon:
Cards featuring the superb pet photography of multi-award winning Paul Walker.

Country Strife

Country Strife
New from the creator of Alison’s Animals - the reality of country living!

Alec's cards from Splimple

Alec’s Cards
The south pole’s favourite card range, now available in Britain.

Nuff Said

Nuff Said
Brief and straight to the point. Sharp humour with contemporary design

ishey cards from Splimple

Where it all started for – our ishey cards remain among our most popular

Cheap and miserable cards from Splimple

Cheap and Miserable
Cheerless messages printed on grotty grey board … why be happy when you can be a misery?

Harry Clagg cards from Splimple

Harry ‘no thumbs’ Clagg
Surreal jottings from the curious yet wise mind of the deep thinking Harry Clagg


Redback cards
A selection of the best sellers from a funny, original (and occasionally, just slightly rude!) publisher.

Mia hague cards

Mia Hague
The greenest of green cards, with illustrations created from bits of old rubbish, then printed onto forest sustainable board.

Dick and Stan's Guides

Dick and Stan’s Guides
Practical advice for the modern older man

Reincarnation is cool cards

Extremely Wordy Cards
Splimple's wordiest cards are among their biggest sellers. These 12 designs are hilarious and compelling

Reincarnation is cool cards

Reincarnation is cool
Ever wondered what your greetings card was in a previous life? You have? Really?

British and Brokeish

British & Brokeish
A free Government apology with every card … brace yourself for another wave of austerity

Blurtings cards from Splimple

No ambiguity in these cards … they say what they mean, and mean what they say!

Disgruntled cards

So cute and innocent on the outside but, oh dear, some very angry pets on the inside

Strip Show from Splimple

Strip Show
As seen every weekday in the Daily Mail … created by the off-beat and hilarious Michiko

Clear as Mud from Splimple

Clear as Mud
No confused messages here … the first cards to be endorsed by Plain English Campaign.

Cath Tate cards from Splimple

Cath Tate
A small selection from the original (and still the best) photo-caption cards.

Splimplings cards from Splimple

We know kids love them … cos they helped us write them! Naughty but nice.

Found the Words cards from Splimple

Found the Words
Our only non-humour range – but the most sincere sympathy cards you’ll find anywhere

Heartstrings cards from Splimple

If you’ve ever been in love, the intimate words in these cards will stir up your feelings

Christmas cards from Splimple

Christmas cards
Click here to see ishey’com’s selection of differentish Christmas cards

Cryptic Coasters from Splimple

Cryptic Coasters
Unique double sized coasters that gently take the mickey out of being a certain age.